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this great country forward, my husband, our president, barack obama! thank you! god bless you. god bless america! >> first lady michelle obama. savannah and i have relocated to the floor. savannah, that was personal, that was emotional, this crowd was silent. they love her. one of the political writers today said her job was to make the country fall in love with her husband all over again. >> telling this deeply personal story about how much she loves her husband she is trying to remind voters why they like her husband. in 2008, nicknamed her the closer. when she went to the stop, she would close the sale. here tonight she has a task as the opener. >> we have heard from the first lady here tonight. you will hear from savannah tomorrow morning on "today." and we hope you will join us tomorrow evening on "nbc nightly news." another day here at the democratic convention in charlotte. those of you in the east and midwest, your late local news begins now. we hope to see you back here tomorrow. for savannah guthrie, our team, i'm brian williams, nbc news. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is
. the obama daughters, first lady have joined him up on stage. savannah, your initial marks on the speech. >> i think we have just heard the 2012 version of hope and change. i was told by an adviser before this speech that it wasn't going to be about barack obama, it wasn't going to be about mitt romney, it would be about the american people. clearly that's the message. he said it's the american people who brought change and at the end he said it's the american people who give him hope. they promised a lot of things. he is clearly trying to reinspire and energize this base. he needs them to turn out to the polls if he wants to win. >> as we said earlier, a little different on the floor of this convention. if you're used to the closing balloon drop, they weren't ready to do this inside, so we're going to have to settle for a lot of confetti here on the floor. as we watch what's taking place on the main stage, let's do a lightning round of all our contributors. chuck todd, take on the pure politics of the speech going into the campaign. >> well, it was clearly what i would call a workman-li
michelle obama was in baltimore today at morgan state university. >> tv cameras were not allowed inside but those who did pay to get in coldest the first lady got a rock star reception. we have the details. >> it was beyond anything i have ever heard. i never heard anyone walk on stage and get such an eruption of powerful love. >> some of the 2000 supporters who packed the fine arts center describes a wild and long explosion of tears as the first lady took the stage. >> it did really erupts. she hardly could get by the talking. people would not even let her talk. >> print journalists were allowed inside. porter's shared some of their pictures with us as they explained the theme of the first lady's speech. most say she focused a lot on education and health care. >> she spoke about financed -- college students receiving financial care. i am graduating student. i go to school on federal aid. if it were not for the bills that president obama past, i would not be able to attend. >> prices ranged from $100 to $10,000. the $100 tickets were reserved for young professionals. those inside
is down to the 45 daymark. president obama and that money spent the day at fund-raisers try to win over supporters and their donations. in wisconsin, president obama renewed his pledge to create 1 million new manufacturing jobs. >> we 60 when the middle class gets -- we succeed when the middle class feels greater security. >> mitt romney spent the day at private fundraisers around san diego and los angeles. he encouraged donors to reach voters in more competitive states such as ohio. >> he has increased the number of food stamps by 15 million. that is more than a population of ohio. a randomly selected states. [laughter] >> in 25 states, it is possible to vote early either in person or through an absentee ballot. members of congress have gone home for the campaign season and will not return home until after the elections. the senate passed a six month bill to keep the government running. the unfinished business and close the budget and taxes, foreign policy and legislation to save the postal service from insolvency. stay up-to-date with the latest news on our web site, wbaltv.com. we wi
violence. >> the bodies of the u.s. dead were taking back home. mitt romney plans president obama. for u.s. officials, -- >> an apology for america's values is never the right course. >> a partisan fight as people gather at the white house to mourn the fallen diplomats. >> president obama vowed to bring the killers to justice. he charged mitt romney's shoot first and came later. >> here at home, speed cameras in baltimore city are producing more money for the budget. they received $4 million dollars more than expected. >> i think it is a minor inconvenience for people who routinely break the law. the people that are annoyed are the people who speed. >> today, the city board of estimates approved to use that extra money on new traffic projects. the baltimore metropolitan council has released a list of deadliest cost rocks for pedestrians. the top three include liberty heights avenue, east 33rd street, and bellaire road. officials say six people have died and 218 injured trying to cross the intersections. the problem? traffic, officials say people are not paying attention. >> they should b
favoring president obama in three key battleground states. results say president obama has opened up and advantage in iowa and maintains a five-point edge in wisconsin and colorado. the controversy over his secretly videotaped comments which surfaced earlier this week. >> when you head to the polls, you will cast your vote in several races but you will be weighing in on seven statewide ballot questions as they change the future of maryland. question seven involves whether or not you are in favor of expanding gambling. three county executives say verlander should vote for the expansion. our county executive and the montgomery county executive said it would reject hundreds of millions for the state that are being spent in west virginia to find out of state schools and create out of state jobs. they took exception to as encouraging marylanders to vote against giving expansion. >> i did not like the fact that and out of state interests is putting $5.50 million to tell marylanders how they should vote. >> lawmakers voted to add the six casino and allowed table games like poker. boaters ha
foreign aid plan, of president obama address the united nations. the president condemned the entire-muslim video blame for sparking the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. he said the attack is an indefensible attack on america. >> accrued and disgusting video. there should be no doubt we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bring them to justice. >> mr. obama called on world leaders to confront the real cause of rage across the world. the clinton initiative unveiled a new approach to foreign aid, targeted on eliminating barriers to investment and trade in foreign nations. >> in exchange for removing those barriers, developing nations will receive u.s. assistance packages. >> from the also joked about sharing the stage with bill clinton. >> there is often a buzz aldrin on social media. a controversial call by nfl replacement referees gave the seattle seahawks a victory over the packers last night. even the president weighed in, saying the dispute was terrible. the nfl today admitted, in its own way, that the puckers should have won the game. they said it was because
to millionaires. >> president obama met with troops at fort hood texas in a non campaign event. >> we have the best trained military in human history. next week, is the president's turn as democrats kick off their convention in charlotte. >> the situation is not good. they have to go after the other guy. >> the president launches his road to charlotte toward this weekend in iowa and colorado. then on monday, he heads to louisiana to survey the ongoing response to isaac. >> some lucky school students from charlotte, n.c., and got their first glimpse of the convention hall that will be used for the democratic national convention. organizers showed how the time warner cable arena was transformed into a state of the art convention center. highlights include an innovative podium and stage that will be is for the first two days of the convention. >> in just seven weeks, this arena has been transformed into a world-class convention facility that will host are nearly 6000 delegates and thousands of other official guests and visitors come not to mention thousands and thousands of members of the med
did not take the spotlight from president obama. >> the to the president appeared onstage together after clinton's speech. >> the delegates are voting to renominate the president and vice-president after a rousing speech by former president bill clinton. former president bill clinton declared president obama a clear choice for restoring the economy and creating jobs. >> are we where we want to be today? no. is the president satisfied? of course not. but are we better off than we were when he took office? >> the democrats' top star blasted republicans. >> in tampa, the republican argument against the president of the reelection was actually pretty simple. when something like this. we left him a total mess. he has not cleaned it up fast enough. >> earlier in the evening, delegates booed during the controversial move to amend the platform. it added a reference to god. changes reportedly ordered by the president himself. it was the second night of impassioned speeches. >> let me ask you, america. we are ready to answer this call? -- are you ready to answer this call? >> the president's
lady michelle obama, olympic gymnast gabrielle douglas,
stevens and three other americans were finally carried home. president barack obama and hillary clinton met with the families of the victims, honoring their memories. >> today we bring home for americans who gave their lives for our country and our values. >> they did not simply embrace the american ideal. they lived it. they embodied it. >> the president and secretary of state about justice and reiterated their condemnation of an anti-muslim film that triggered more deadly demonstrations overseas in more than one dozen countries. ater in sports, the o's and battle in the bronx. next, the summer drought has not negatively affected all crops,. . someg reat -- some great wine in time for the wine festival. >> a cold front headed our way. we will see how that impacts the weekend forecast. weekend forecast. 75 dow [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how
is not responsible for them. the obama campaign calls for comment shop ishocking. former president bill clinton toward a hospitality school in haiti as part of his continuing effort to help haiti rebuild after the devastating earthquake there. he is the un special envoy to haiti and has watched over various projects to help the country in its rebuilding efforts. the former president said it could help revive the tourism industry in haiti. >> it will allow the people to see that president clinton is doing great things for the tourism in haiti. >> there are mounting concerns over anti-american protest in the middle east, with the demonstration showing few signs of calming down after raging for a full week. daniel lee has the latest from washington. >> chanting protesters left little -- they were in vigor i did other rare appearance of the hezbollah leader calling for more demonstrations. the u.s. embassy is burning secret documents as a precaution. firing teargas at demonstrators trying to reach the u.s. consulate. an anti-islamic video of the protests. similar sounds of unrest dominated parts of
, president obama, police said believed in redistributing wealth while he some self -- who said he believes in -- giving wealth. >> an exclusive look at the boat to the white house with a visit from c-span. to the at the votroad white house with a visit from c- span. rex -- >> and this is a political year, an election year. we want to make sure we get our kids more involved in the political process and understanding what it means to be a citizen and everything else that goes along with that. >> 100 it is didn't got to go on the bus -- 150 students go to go in small groups. they got to interact with all kinds of seized their resources on the internet and test their knowledge with quizzes. >> they can look at some of our featured web sites. >> the idea is didn't learn to use these resources to research their own personal questions or use them in school 3 >> breaking news for class discussions or if we have to do a project. it would be easier that news -- we can use it for class discussions or if we have to do a project. it is easier that way. >> some students will be 18 in time to vote in nov
nine days ago and then took off for up obama. according to police there, he was found unconscious in a motel room after apparent suicide attempt, leaving a note saying i am sorry. investigators say the victims died of blunt and sharp force trauma. police said the process of extraditing him back to baltimore county has not yet begun. he has been ruled incompetent to stand trial in a cannibalism murder case. now it is being determined if he is fit to stand trial in the alleged beating of a morgan state university student. he is charged with attempted first-degree murder. police say he built -- beak and morgan state university student with a baseball bat in may, leaving the victim blind in one eye. he was arrested on murder charges days later after investigators say he killed and in eight parts of a family friend. a competency hearing is set for september 23. >> around 3:00 tuesday morning, authorities were called to the west side of the st. croix condo building to find a 41-year-old woman lying on the ground after falling from the third floor balcony. it is still unclear who made th
's commitment 2012 report, president obama and mitt romney during up for their upcoming presidential debate. university of denver is preparing to host the first debate this wednesday at 9:00 p.m. workers assemble the stage in the campus arena today. about 1000 people will receive tickets to watch the debate. more than 50 million people are expected to watch each of the debates. a lot of people for the first debate. very exciting. exciting at home today. but there could not be more perfect. just wonderful. >> another game tomorrow. a day game. >> and? >> good question. a big question mark as far as the weather is concerned. we will talk about it in a minute in the forecast. right now, some clouds in the area. at the airport, 60. 67 downtown. >> a powerful typhoon hit southern japan. wind gusts were strong enough to overturn vehicles. 4000 people and open all were advised to move to safer locations. -- 4000 people in okinawa were advised to move to safer locations. >> i have a picture that is a couple hours old. the storm is moving towards the mainland of china. okinawa is an island to the so
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